European Mink - Biology and Conservation
European Mink - Biology and Conservation

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European mink with radiocollar. European mink European mink
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European mink is a semiaquatic carnivore. Alien American mink - main cause for extinction Hybrid between European mink and polecat caught from eastern Estonia.
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European mink breeding center at Tallinn Zoo: start of the construction in 1998. European mink breeding center at Tallinn Zoo in 2001. View to the enclosure of the European mink in breeding center at Tallinn Zoo.
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Service corridor in the mink breeding facility in Tallinn Zoo. In side of the mink enclosure (tube for providing live food during pre-training of the mink). Captive European mink behave strangely.
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Month-old mink European mink pups in the Tallinn Zoo's breeding facilty. Month-old pups of the European mink  
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Frogs are the most usual prey for mink in Hiiumaa. Live fish for training of the mink before release.  
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Injection of microchip to the European mink.   Fixing the collar to European mink.
Fixing the radiocollar to the European mink.    
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Last seconds before release. Prof. Hans Kruuk (June 2000) releasing the European mink in Hiiumaa Island. Prof. Hans Kruuk (UK) ja Tiit Maran(Estonia) durignt he first releases in 2000.
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Release of the European mink (September 2000).    
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    Release of the European mink (September 2000).
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  Not all the European manage to cope with natural conditions. Madis Põdra radiotracking the released mink.
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European mink caught during the retrapping of mink in March 2001. Madis Põdra with re-trapped European mink in March 2001 Team radiotracking European mink in Hiiumaa in 2001 (from upper left): Tiit Maran (Estonia), Madis Põdra (Estonia),Simon Hirst (UK), Thomas Churcher (UK), Riina Vaht (Estonia),Deborah Randall(Canada), Polly Phillpot(UK), Tarique Samad(UK).