European Mink - Biology and Conservation
European Mink - Biology and Conservation

European mink EEP Programme

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1. Aim
The aim of the European mink EEP isdefines so far as to maintain in European Zoos and other breeding facilities a population capable to maintaince 90% of its heterozygosity for 100 year. For that purpose we need to reach to more than 500 mink in captivty properly managed and maintaince. As maintaining small number of mink mean a lot of yearly transfers there is a need to favour maintaining higher number of mink in less facilites.

The recent Populations Management Analyses ask for re-evaluation of the aim. It is unlikely that in current status the aim formulated previously can be reached. The aim will be re-formulated during 2nd Species Committe meeting in October 2006.

2. EEP Committee

3. Husbandry Guidelines

European Mink, mustela lutreola linnaeus 1761, captive breeding and husbandry protocol
Tiit Maran & Paul Robinson
European Mink Conservation & Breeding Committee
Tallinn Zoological Gardens
TALLINN - 1996

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